Myrna Litt’s 11/19 It’s a Small World Holiday Photo Report

Myrna Litt was at the Disneyland Resort yesterday for the first day of soft openings for It’s a Small World Holiday & has sent us in some great pictures of the classic attraction which has finally re-opened at Disneyland:

The Holiday clock ceremony.

The new boats running through the attraction before guests were let on.

A bunch of Disney executives.

At around 1pm guests were finally let on to the attraction.

The overlay itself is pretty much the same as it has been for the past 11 years.

I wonder what character they’re gonna put here come February?

I really lovely the finale room during It’s a Small World Holiday.

To end off this photo report, some holiday decor on an ODV cart outside It’s a Small World Holiday.

Stay tuned for more photos from Myrna’s trip yesterday later on tonight or tomorrow!

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