Brandon Struve’s 10/5/09 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

Brandon Struve took a short trip to the Magic Kingdom on Monday to check out the new audio playing on the TTA and has some photos to share of his day in the park:

A new merchandise location shaped like the tip board has replaced the merchandise cart near the Plaza Ice Cream parlor

In Fantasyland, the facades of Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard, Friar’s Nook, and the Seven Dwarves Mine are behind tarps

All of the locations are open

The back of the castle is still behind tarps

The Pinocchio Village Haus is finally out from behind tarps

The entire facade looks really great!

As noted already, the TTA is running with a new audio spiel

A nice surprise inside Space Mountain….

trains are running, it look’s like they may have a new silver paint scheme as well

Some primer has been applied to the back of the Light and Power Co. arcade

Primer has been applied to most of this side

The Fastpass distribution area and the Space Mountain pylons appear to have been painted silver

A new color scheme has been painted on the Arcade, the black and beige looks quite nice

This shot should give you an idea of the change in colors

A closer look

Fastpass distribution area

Some work being done underground while the pavement is missing

There also appears to be a green and blue color scheme above the attraction entrance

The entrance is open

More earth moving taking place in front of the old Skyway building

Work continues on the old Skyway building

The restrooms are being rebuilt

Posters for “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure” are up outside of the Magic Kingdom

Posters for “The Princess and the Frog” are up at the Transportation and Ticket Center

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