Imagination Pavilion Lights the Night Sky Again

Long time visitors to Epcot may remember that the large glass pyramids of the Imagination Pavilion used to change between a variety of colors. In more recent years when major changes were made to the pavilion, the nighttime lighting was changed to an orange glow. Just this week, the original color changing lights were brought back:

Imagineers stated at the opening of Captain EO in July that it was the start of much bigger things for the Imagination Pavilion. Maybe this is just another step toward something else…

Captain EO Passholder Preview Announced

From an email sent out to Walt Disney World Annual Passholders:

Captain EO returns to Epcot®, and Passholders can attend a special preview of the film at the Imagination! Pavilion on July 1 from 3 – 9 p.m. The legendary film starring Michael Jackson is something Passholders don’t want to miss. Registration is limited so sign up today to see Captain EO save the universe like never before!