Stephen Thomas’ 8/25/09 Photo Report

Stephen Thomas returns after a couple of months off with a new Disneyland Resort photo report:

You have to get to Mickey and Friends really early to see the Pinocchio parking lot like this

As Summer Nightastic is now over, the Toy Story Midway Mania billboards have returned once again

No line at the new Annual Passport Processing Center

Some painting and cleaning of Space Mountain taking place

They had a dog in Monorail Orange sniffing for something

Wait times at 11am

Over at DCA, work on the building for The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure should begin soon

This structure has been brought into the site

The Little Mermaid construction walls were brought further out into the path on Monday, meaning that the Pixar Play Parade can’t go down this way at the moment. It now exits out at the gate next to the Mission Tortilla Factory

World of Color construction

The railings are up around the new outer deck of Paradise Park

The Disney Vacation Club add-on to the Grand Californian Hotel is almost ready for its opening next month

Silly Symphony Swings construction walls

The whole swinging structure has been removed

Here’s a different view

Silly Symphony Swings construction from Mickey’s Fun Wheel

More World of Color construction

The new fountain in Paradise Park looks to be a nice little addition

Land getting prepped for The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Both Corn Dog Castle and Souvenir 66 are boarded up so nothing happens to them while construction is going on all around

Another look at the new Grand Californian building

Back over at Disneyland, the tarps are down around the Bank of Main Street, the new home of The Disney Gallery

The Disney Gallery logo is now up on the windows

The Disney Visa Rewards booth remains

Painting at the entrance of the Opera House has been completed. All that needs to be done now is to replace the attraction sign

Thanks for the report Stephen!

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