Robert Ashburn’s 5/21/09 Hollywood Studios Report

Our good friend Robert Ashburn of has provided us with pictures from his Thursday trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so let’s take a look at some of his photos:

Star Wars Weekends have begun, as this billboard outside the park will testify

The 20th anniversary banners are gone, replaced with ones for Star Wars Weekends

A look at some wait times on Thursday

As previously reported, the characters from Disney-Pixar’s “Up” are appearing the Magic of Disney Animation

The new set replaced the Bolt meet and greet

The queue for the meet and greet features scenes from the film

Robert got a picture with Carl Fredrickson, Dug the Dog, and Russell. The bird in the background actually appears and disappears on both the left and right sides of the backdrop

A banner is set up on New York Street to help guests find the premiere theater

The facade of the theater that usually features San Francisco is down for refurbishment

One of the Star Wars meet and greets next to Sounds Dangerous

The Jedi Training Academy stage is ready for Star Wars Weekends thanks to a temporary sign

Thank you!!! It’s still seasonal…

“I think we should have went with a grey color.” A bright meet and greet for Star Wars Weekends

Thanks for the report Robert!!!

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