Chuck and Dug’s 5/20/09 Photo Report

Chuck Canzoneri has returned to the west coast and to Disneyland, and gives us a brand new photo report:

Chuck’s wife brought a special guest to the park

It’s Dug, from Pixar’s new film, Up. Chuck purchased him at the Disney Store

He looks completely different from the official Dug being sold by F.A.O. Schwartz, that Chuck found in New York City

The AMC in Downtown Disney featured some very tall banners for the upcoming film

There were also small banners, but only around the theatre. The rest of Downtown Disney still promotes Food & Wine

It looks like Summer is here. This was the crowd at rope drop, and remember this was a Wednesday, which is usually one of the least busy days

A big line at City Hall of people looking to get their Celebration Buttons

Today’s baked treat was Candied Apples

It looks like some additional cables have been set up along Tinker Bell’s flight path for Dumbo’s flight this summer for the new fireworks show “Magical”

It’s never been so noticeable before. It kind of looks like the Skyway is coming back 🙂

A strange section of pavement on the walkway to Fantasyland

The White Rabbit has been without a clock for over a month now

The Astro Orbiter continues to come back together

Ever notice something strange about Barbossa’s portrait? Something missing?

The pinkie from his left hand isn’t there!

Walking across the lawn at The Haunted Mansion. I’m pretty sure this is a Disney Don’t…

Once again, it’s quiet at Celebration Roundup and Barbecue. This was taken around 3PM. Only 9 tables in use

There wasn’t even a show going on

Chip and Dale were outside the corral and meeting people. No reservation required

They seemed excited to see Dug

As you may know from Chuck’s many other photo reports, he was there for the food!

Chuck saw the Celebrate Tex-Mex cooking demonstration from one of the head chefs at Ariel’s Grotto

He made a Poblano pepper stuffed with pulled pork. Chuck says it may have been the best thing he’s eaten at the festival so far

Celebrate China with Paul Okamura

Paul is the sous chef at Club 33 (mentioning that you work at Club 33 always gets an excited round of applause). He made a chicken stir fry

Dug paid a visit to A Bug’s Land

2 new Haunted Mansion figurines at Off the Page

This figure is the first in a collection from the Walt Disney Classics Collection featuring all of the famous The Haunted Mansion characters

And this second figure is a new Jim Shore piece

And finally over at the World of Disney, some new Up merchandise

Besides Dug, they’re selling 3 of the villain dogs. Interesting that they’re selling them now since you barely see them in the film’s advertising

Dug thanks you for joining him and hopes you see Up when it opens on May 29th!

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